Example cases

The following examples illustrate various use cases of HemoCell. The examples range from relatively simple single cell problem definitions, to more complex Bulk flow problems. The single cell problems, such as a single shearing or stretching focus more on the material models and behaviour of individual cells in specific. These can be excellent starting points when implementing or modifying specific cell mechanics.

A next step might then be the analysis of single cell’s deformation under straight-channel flow conditions, which is illustrated by the parachuting example followed by cell-cell interactions and collisions between multiple cells in Colliding cells with interior viscosity. Note that due to the fluid solid coupling scheme, the immersed boundary method, the cell membranes already touch when they are half IBM kernel-width apart.

Afterwards, we present to variations on a pipe flow condition using higher cell counts and how to use the pre-inlet boundary conditions. These examples can be excellent starting positions for typical simulations.